Defining Morphonomics

A branch of basic science dealing with the molecular biological and biophysical laws
underlying normal and pathological histophenotypes. Thus, morphonomics produces definitions
that allow quantitative datasets to be linked to other arrayed data (high-throughput quantitative
data) originating from expression profiling, proteomics, metabonomics (NMR) etc.
There is a direct relationship (by numerical extension) to macroscopic anatomy/pathology,
and morphonomics can thus serve as an interface between molecular biological and clinical
data categories including those derived from imaging.

Morphonomics aims at providing scale-free definitions. Thus, Morphonomics is not to be confused with quantitative
morphological methods, e.g. morphometry, stereology etc.

Manuel B. Graeber

The term was created on July 26, 2001 4:07 PM GMT in analogy to metabonomics.

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